Code Of Conduct

We completely understand that our members have life outside of the squad, and we strongly believe that real life issues always comes first, but we would appreciate it if you can inform us ahead of time, just in case you are gone for a long period of time.

Be respectful towards fellow FoW members & other players as well. It is mandatory for FoW members to show tolerance & absolute respect to one another & our guests.
There will be disagreements, but respecting one another keeps it from becoming a drama which will NOT be tolerated. If a disagreement should happen to occur, immediately consult one of our FoW Admins, so it can be worked out as soon as possible.
We do NOT tolerate improper & racist behavior, we take this matter seriously.
If any FoW Member is reported for harassment, trash talking, provocation or bullying of another player, whether In-Game, via teamspeak, forums, Steam,social media (Facebook, Twitter, Etc) or in private messaging, immediate disciplinary actions will be taken as deemed appropriate up to and including bans from accessing our teamspeak / game server / services and/or permanent revocation of FoW tags.

We have absolute zero tolerance for members of the squad that are causing issues with other members or the squad as a whole. We are here to have fun in a game, so be on your best behavior.
We understand that there are issues associated with any game, but please do not spew negativity or start arguments, as it will bring everyone down and take away the joy of the game.
Our FoW Admins are more than happy to address any member’s concerns as long as they are addressed through private messages or private one-on-one discussion on teamspeak. Not only does this allow us to address your problems quicker and more efficiently, it also prevents fights and useless debates from breaking out within the squad.
You will only be warned once by our FoW Admins. If you continue to cause drama you will be permanently removed from the squad which includes bans from accessing our teamspeak, game server, website, forums and other vital squad resources.

We are very proud of our clan and what we stand for, and for that, we expect every member to feel the same.
When you are chatting in game, posting in forums or other social media, you are acting as a representative of our Clan as you carry the ~FoW~ Tag with you all the time. Please avoid being whiny, annoying, problematic, or disrespectful in these situations.
Once one of our members makes our Clan look bad, people will assume that all of our members behave like that. Not only does it damage your reputation as an individual, it also damages the Clan’s reputation as a whole.
If you did something wrong like caused a flame war or get into a heated argument with other players, please let a FoW Admin know about the issue at the soonest time possible. If you inform us ahead of time, we can better defend you or at the least are aware of it so we are not blindsided when the issue is brought to our attention.
If you do not inform us and it blows into a huge fiasco, then expect the worst!
Any FoW Member proven to cause damage to the Clan’s reputation will have your FoW Membership revoked immediately.

We do our best to keep a tight-knit group of people who care about each other and the Clan as a unified force, a common place for us all to gather and fight back-to-back against whatever challenges lies ahead.
If you are more concerned with yourself, your own needs, then this is NOT the Clan for you.
As a FoW Member, you agree that you will protect the assets, resources and classified information of our Clan and will NOT disclose it to anyone outside of the Clan. Any FoW Member proven to be in breach of this agreement will be subjected to having their FoW Membership terminated immediately and will also receive a Lifetime Ban from joining FoW and its allies as well.
You are encouraged to think very carefully before leaving the Clan because if you are looking to join FoW again you must submit a new application, go through the whole recruitment process all over again and there is a chance that your application might be rejected based on your past performance records.
You are only allowed to leave the Clan twice and re-join before you are prohibited from ever joining FoW again.

FoW has a Zero Tolerance policy for cheating, hacking/exploits of any type and scams.
This rule covers players who use code to manipulate a particular game for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other teams and players. Wall Hacks, Speed Hacks and Aim Bots are just examples of the types of cheats covered by this agreement. “Testing” or “Trying Out” Hack Programs are NOT accepted excuses.
To make it short, “Do Not Install or Use Hacks for any Reason“.
Attempts at defrauding another member or player by gaining their trust; also called “scamming” is absolutely not tolerated in FoW.
This includes unfair trades, swapping of account information, acquiring in-game items or any other possession from another member or player through misinformation, confusion or other tricks to fool another member or player in to giving up their in-game items / account in exchange for nothing or less than the mutually agreed upon conditions set by both parties prior to the exchange / trade.
Any FoW Member caught / reported using hacks, cheating or scamming other members / players will be reported to the Game Developer(s) and will have their FoW Membership terminated as well as access to all Clan Systems and Services.
Violation of this rule will also result to a Lifetime Ban and your information be shared to our allies and/or any third party, whenever deemed necessary.